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{October 13, 2016}   My baby boy and a baby boy!! JJ is over the moon!!

I have news!

I hope you remember when we talked about when I reconnected with my daughter back in May, on her birthday, which happened to be mother’s day this year. It’s been an amazing experience over the last few months,  having her back in my life, I don’t know if i can truly put it into words. I didn’t know if my heart could be fuller.

Oh… It could!

Last weekend I was in Atlanta, for a few reasons, one being the due date of my baby’s baby.  My daughter, TYL, was pregnant and due on Sunday,  October 9th. What better excuse for a visit,  wouldn’t you say?

We were talking about where to meet and she suggested the pizza joint that her brother runs. Does he know I’m coming? Nope, it’s a surprise, good! She told me he wanted to see me the next time I came to town. As the day went on and I started driving out there and got closer, I got nervous. Me! I got nervous about the idea of seeing my son for the first time in eight years, well, yeah, that makes sense!

I texted that I was there, she came outside, oh, my friends, let me tell you, I am welling up thinking about seeing her, the girl I helped raise for twelve years walking towards me, all grown up, beautiful and about to have a baby!

We walked in together and the look on his face, it was priceless! I wish someone had gotten a picture of it! He was so surprised and happy! The best I could hope for! He threw his arms up and came out to hug me and wouldn’t let go, well, not sure if that was me or him! “I missed you! I think about you every day!” What more could I want to hear?! I told him I missed him and thought about him, perfect!

He was almost exactly the same as he was as a kid and the last time I saw him. Sweet, funny, goofy, wants everyone to be happy. He was taller and had all this fabulous red facial hair! What? Where’s the baby faced boy? I think his red hair is the same color that I go for…perfect!

I’m so proud of him, he’s doing so well. He manages the restaurant, has a team of people who respect him and enjoy working for him, regulars who come in and know him and he knows how to treat people. I think I always knew he’d be in a role some day working with people, he was a little people pleaser when he was a kid, he’s turned it to being a success in his profession.

Did I mention goofy? He said “let’s hang out! Oh…I don’t get off until 11!” Normally, I would say yes, but I had to be somewhere in the morning. “Where do you stay when you come to Atlanta?” I couch surf, his response “I have a couch!” I can’t wait for the time I can spend the night at his house and the next time, OMG! he’s going to be a married man! He’s engaged to a sweet girl who works at the restaurant, they’ve been together a few years and they’re smitten, as I would hope and in a few weeks, he’ll be a Mister to a Mrs.

And…here’s the other bit…Next time I travel to Atlanta, I’ll be spending time with my married son and daughter AND…ready for it…

MY NEW GRANDSON!!! O M G!!! JJ has a new love! Oh yes she does!

THL wanted to meet at the restaurant for a few reasons, see me, me to see her brother, CH and for him to make her eggplant parm, hoping it might induce labor, like Scalini’s in Marietta. [].

As I mentioned, I was in Atlanta hoping to meet my grandson, she even asked if step-mom’s have any pull [think I was over the moon about that? you bet your sweet bippy!] Alas, for JJ, the baby did not listen to me…or his mother to be and make an appearance before I left. I sent as many positive vibes out into the universe, so she wouldn’t have to feel like ‘she was going to be pregnant for ever!’ as she said.

But…Tuesday, October 11th, 7:59pm, I got a text “He’s here!” Oh my sweet girl! Congratulations and much, much mazel! And WHAT A DOLL BABY!!!

I asked when I could post and crow, as soon as I got permission, on to Facebook I went! My friends and family are so thrilled for me! So many of my friends and neighbors from Atlanta remember the kids when they were little and how sweet, cute and funny they were, all good things to say about them and my closest friends know how much this has meant to me, having them back in my lives.

When I sent the pictures to my family, my sister said “another Yom Kippur baby!” and wow, she’s right! I was born the day after Yom Kippur and my grandson, the day before, what a special thing! And let me tell you, it’s crazy…we are not related by blood, but that kid has a FULL head of black hair, just like his JJ [Ok, the secret’s out, I dye my hair! yeah, big secret!]

I have to tell you, a great Yiddish word is kvelling, it means to be happy and proud. I am KVELLING! I have my girl back in my life and now…my baby boy and a new baby boy! Oh, his name is CDL and I’ll refer to him as CD.  I LA LA LA LOVE IT!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well and through me, TYL, she is over the moon and in love and…well, I have my kids back, you know where I stand.








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