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{October 10, 2016}   Where exactly are you going to go at this moment?

I just don’t get people all the time. 

Forget wanting to get on the plane first…I somewhat  understand that one, since everyone and their bother have to get their bag on the plane… whatever,  I check mine most of the time. 

It’s the people who stand up the millisecond the plane lands or I should say stops at the gate, as if they are getting off at that very moment.  And, it’s mostly business travelers, who should have enough experience to know that ain’t happening!

They have to stop the plane,  the flight attendants have to prepare whatever and eventually open the doors so we can all get out. But it’s not happening as soon as we stop. 

I totally get if you have a connection, you’re going to want to get off the plane to make it,  if we’re on time,  you will be fine. I make connections almost every week, I’ll either make it or not. You are in that mindset,  but people are generally nice and will let you out if you ask. 

It’s these people who stand up,  get their things from the overhead and then stand there looking annoyed because their not off the plane yet.  There’s also supposed to be some semblance of order and consideration… one side goes, then the other, sometimes that happens, a lot of times not, you’re having to almost force you’re way into your aisle. 

I think one of the thing that gets me is it’s as if most of those people think they’re more important than everyone else so they should be first. 

Let’s go back to polite. 

That’s it, just wondering where you think you’re going at this moment. 

Have a happy Monday!

How perfect was this picture?!


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