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{October 6, 2016}   I flew a drone!

It was so cool! 

I was at T-Mobile tonight after work replacing my loaner phone for the new and improved Galaxy Note 7! and I have so many apps, messages,  content,  it took a while to transfer everything. 

I didn’t realize how long it would take and the last time,  when I went from the Note 7 to the loaner,  I went to get some food, I came back and it was done.  I was going to a team/roll-off dinner so I needed to hang out until it was ready. 

That being said, I wasn’t armed with anything to keep me occupied while Carlos was helping another customer, which was fine,  he’d already spent about an hour with me on this.  

 So…I wandered around the store, playing with the electronics,  the accessories, thanking people for asking if I had been helped. 

Side note… this was a brand new flash ship store, if I had access to my phone,  I would have taken pictures! Everyone there had been hand picked to with there,  they were top notch.

So… they asked if I wanted to try the Gear VR glasses, no thanks, I might get nauseous, [I did end up trying them, pretty cool, no nausea, whew] then they asked if I wanted to try to fly a drone! Oh yeah!

It is controlled by smartphone and has a camera built in and you can see the live video on the phone as you’re controlling it! I took it up and out, startled a few people with my flying skills,  let’s just say,  then landed it, wicked cool! 

I’m not sure I would get one,  but I’d definitely fly one again! Wheeeee


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