Peaches Prattlings

{October 5, 2016}   I get to go home!

Wahoo! I’m going to Hawaii before next year! Ha ha!

It’s funny, I moved to Hawaii, sorry, I haven’t made a big official announcement yet, but I did. And now, when I see people, they’re first question, naturally is “How’s Hawaii?!” My answer…”it’s great when I can get there…”

Hawaii is not the easiest place to get to, especially from certain parts of the country. It’s about 9 hours from Chicago, if you can get a non-stop flight, which there aren’t, but I can fly non-stop back, wahoo!

So…it’s not always easy to get to for a weekend, especially if you have to fly out Friday and then back Sunday, if I fly out Thursday and back Sunday, no problem. Things are slightly up in the air at work, so I couldn’t make any definite plans to go. And Hawaii is not a last minute flight price-wise. 

I am, however, trying to get a project on the west coast, do that…I can go home every weekend! I wouldn’t know what to with myself! Ha ha!

Based on a communication at work this week, I decided it should be safe, checked with my managers and guess what! I’m going to Hawaii for the weekend in a few weeks! That’s before December! 

It’s for the weekend and the flight was reasonable! Oh my goodness, PSM and I are going to see each other three weekends in a row! What? Bottom line…I get to go home for the weekend!



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