Peaches Prattlings

{September 28, 2016}   A sense of urgency…not really

I work really well under pressure.

I’ve always been that way, it doesn’t work for everyone and it shouldn’t. Sometimes the pressure is put on myself because I procrastinate. My mother hated, yes I said hated that I procrastinate. I really shouldn’t, but sometimes, that’s just the way it is. 

I am currently working on something that I need to finish but I didn’t have a deadline, so I didn’t have a sense of urgency. Well, there was a sense of urgency and then it was gone, things change. I put one on myself, it might be more I just want to get it done, it might be that I don’t want anyone thinking I’m wasting time just sitting around. 

I’ve also been waiting on others to send me what I need to finish, can’t make that happen myself, well, with a little nudge I can! 

Well, earlier today, I got access to what I needed to finish and I think tomorrow might be the day! Wish me luck!


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