Peaches Prattlings

{September 26, 2016}   Debate…no comment

No, my friends, I am not going to comment, I’m not going to tell you my opinion on the election or who I’m going to vote for. Either side, I’m not starting nothin’!

It’s not that I’m not voting, that I don’t already know who I’m voting for, I’m just not going to talk about it with you. There was a quote I heard years ago “Never talk about religion, politics or abortion among friends”. I believe it to be true and will adhere to it with you, my friends. 

In small circles or one-on-one conversations, I might be persuaded to speak, but not here and definitely not on Facebook. If you’re friends with me and really looked, you could see the posts I have liked. I don’t comment, but I’ve liked and agreed with quite a few and I’m saddened by some of what I see from the opposite point of view, I could lose friends if I said anything. 

I don’t get into political debates, not worth it because many times you’re just talking, hoping the other personis going to see you’re side and change their mind.

I was once having a political discussion with someone, against my better judgement and he was getting louder and louder.  I finally looked at him and said “J, the louder you get, the more clear your point does not get!”

I walked by a TV studio tonight and stood for a minute with the crowd gathered outside watching the debate, the homeless guy was shouting at the tv, I can tell you this…he loves his girl Hillary, quote/unquote! That was the extent of my attention to the debate, sorry friends, if you’re looking for more or a fight, as Dana Carvey used to say when he was doing an impression of George Bush, “not gonna do it!”


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