Peaches Prattlings

{September 24, 2016}   Miles…tolls…hotels…1.5 fill ups

A drive across country isn’t an easy task. 

Between today and yesterday I have driven 1180 miles, 18 hours…spent $60 in tolls…$360 in hotels, oh my!

I started in Massachusetts, drove through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and finally Wisconsin, whew. 

Tolls are ridiculous!!! Most were $1.25-2.50, ok.  There was one for $8.50, another $10.30 and one for $15.50! What are they doing with the money?? Don’t answer that, I know the answer. 

The tolls were one thing, but the hotel…last night, no worries, I used some points and cash, paid a pet deposit. Tonight, because there is a Green Bay Packers home game tomorrow, a hotel that normally costs $60, maybe $90 a night is going for nothing less than $190 a night, what?

I rented a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid, so great on gas mileage, about 536 miles on a tank, not bad.  I only had to fill up twice to here, one last time before I turn it in tomorrow. I liked the car, drawback is it beeps in reverse. 

It’s been an interesting trip…not doing it again!


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