Peaches Prattlings

{September 16, 2016}   I just got called what?

I just got cussed out by a homeless woman!

DLP and I were heading to meet LJ and some other people for dinner. I had leftover lunch so I was looking for someone to give it to. 

Normally, when i see someone who looks like they might be hungry,I ask and then give them my food. This woman…I asked if she was hungry and she proceeded to shout at me!

“I already ate!” OK, so I started to walk away, then…”what’s wrong with you, you whore!” Well, I thought she called me a whore, apparently she called me slut and she was calling DLP a whore! Alrighty then! Oh, then she accused DLP of following a white woman down the street! 

I think I’ve seen her, well, heard her, cussing other people out before, I guess we’re now part of a club…

She just kept going, screaming her head off at one or both of us as she walked down the street! I didn’t hear everything as I was walking away to find someone to give my food to, he was appreciative, by the way, thankfully! 

The people you meet in the street!


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