Peaches Prattlings

{September 14, 2016}   Phone fire avoided, whew

I finally got a replacement phone, wahoo.

I went to a tmobile after work to get a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I walked in and when they asked why I was there “Note 7, I don’t want to catch on fire”, yeah. 

They gave me a Galaxy S7, it’s tiny compared to the Note 7! I looked at it…”it’s the size of an iPhone!” Noooooo!

They returned my Note 7, returned the cover,  then charged me for the taxes on the phone, $75! What? Not to worry, I’ll get it all back when I get the new Note 7.

I went to grab some grub while they transferred the data and apps over…umm…I got back and it worked, whew!

Crisis avoided. This is going to be a long few weeks without my Note but I will survive.  Ha ha


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