Peaches Prattlings

{September 13, 2016}   Yea Hilton 

Score another  one Hilton, you came thru.

I arrived in Chicago 30 minutes early this morning,  how often does that happen? We landed at 430am, I collected my things from baggage claim and headed to my hotel. 

I didn’t have hopes higher than changing into work clothes, storing my bags and hanging out somewhere until I could go to the office. 

Turns out they had a room available for me,  a king suite, score! Up to the room, jammies on, finally falling asleep after 30 minutes and getting about three hours of sleep. Ahhhh…

Then off to the office slightly refreshed, had a decent day and didn’t fall flat on my face. 

Yes, I’m a spoiled Hilton girl,  can you blame me?


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