Peaches Prattlings

{September 10, 2016}   The family is back together…ahh

PSM got home tonight, yeah!

The tables were turned this week,  I was at home and PSM was traveling. I picked him up at the airport and we went off in search of adventure. 

First stop? Furniture shopping, you’re jealous, I know! But we bought a bedroom suite, we really needed it, poor PSM has been sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor since we moved, that will not do! It’s being delivered tomorrow morning, the guy really wanted me to be able to sleep on it at least one night before i head back on the road. 

Then it was a drive and a very nice long walk down the beach.  Walking and talking, catching up, talking about everything and nothing, watching the sun go down with everyone else.

There actually aren’t a lot of places to eat in the beach so we went to a place we’d been before. The server was very nice, and funny, always a plus. 

Then a nice walk back to the car,  getting caught in a rain storm… with the you down on the car! Home to spend quality time with the puppy and lights out! He couldn’t tell you if her was coming or going!

It’s going to be tough to leave on Sunday, but it will be nice to come home again. 

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