Peaches Prattlings

{September 5, 2016}   Beautiful… ouch…ahhh

A beautiful day…an invigorating hike…then oops… then ahhh..

It’s been fabulous so far, I will tell you more very soon, but today we went on a nice hike towards a bird sanctuary. 

We waited out the rain while we waited for A&B to met us. They are the daughter and son – in – law of good friends, JLWB and GB, who were transferred here about a month ago. They are both in the Army and live on one of the bases on the other side of the island. 

We met up and headed to this park on the North Shore and started walking, it was hot and dry on this side,  big difference from where we came from. The view is breathtaking, I dont really know anywhere it isn’t!…Beautiful

We started walking and.. you know me,  I didn’t turn my ankle.. this time,  I went down “on my personality”, as it were…butt [pun intended]… the phone was ok! Priorities!

I got some nice scrapes, looks more like a biking scrape, but something to talk about! And of course, this was in the first quarter mile, go figure! Moving on!…ouch!

We hiked about 2+ miles to the end, about 3/4 of the way hit the fence to go into the sea bird and monk seal sanctuary. Saw none, oh well… but the rainbow at the end… worth it!…ahhh

what do you think? New shoes for Annie,  the beetle bug?


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