Peaches Prattlings

{September 3, 2016}   I walked in,  you were nice… what happened?

It’s almost like customer service went out the window once you had me in the door. 

Today i needed a new tire, so I headed to a Goodyear,  they always did right by me in Atlanta.

The guy on the phone was nice, the guy behind the counter was also nice when i first came in. He seemed rather annoyed that i asked how much longer after almost an hour and a half. I’m sorry, it’s a tire change,  not rebuilding an engine! 

Why is it wrong for me to ask how much longer and have they even started. I was just curious, I didn’t think i was going to be there all day!
I think he was actually happy to see me leave.  Customer service… what is that again? A lost art I guess…


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