Peaches Prattlings

{August 21, 2016}   TV commercials as previews?

Have we talked about this before? Sorry, if we have.

It’s been happening more and more when I go to the movies. Now, I don’t have tv, so I only see commercials when I’m at my sister’s, well, she DVRs everything,  so no commercials there, or the hotel, when I channel surf, so I’ve seen a few commercials. Regardless, there are commercials mixed in with previews before the movie. 

Why? It’s called a movie, and before the movie…trailers or previews, not movie, previews and commercials. Those are for TV at home. 

Previews or trailers are for convincing me to see another movie, in the theater. Commercials are for convincing me to buy a product, from the comfort of my sofa. And what’s to guarantee I’m going to remember that product? Hmmm… Commercials…home. 

Soapbox over. 


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