Peaches Prattlings

{August 18, 2016}   Fails and wins this week

This week was interesting. 

No problems with my flight Monday morning,  I would put that in the wins column. Tuesday night dinner…ended up with a bitter salad because the manager or waiter, not sure and I apologize for that, I said vegan,  he mentioned what they usually do and I said I can’t,  so I came up with a solution,  apparently he didn’t like that and kept walking away when I started to ask a question,  after the fourth time,  I said just give me the salad. Fail. But…still had a nice time at dinner, it was the company. 

Wednesday morning, I worked out, 40 minutes on the elliptical, win. I got back to the room, took a shower and when I was finished, guess what was missing…towels.  huh? I had 4 hand towels, 3 wash cloths and a bath mat, seriously? Epic fail! 

I called down and barely an apology, big fail. I talked to the concierge on my way out, she did something about it, win. I went to the place I like to get breakfast from, almost every day, and ordered the same thing, egg and avocado sandwich. I get to the office,  eat a little,  start to feel weird…cheese on the sandwich…epic fail.  I called the restaurant and told the person who answered what happened and today,  she bought my breakfast,  win. I got back to the hotel last night,  two sets of towels, win win!

I left for the airport at 245pm, got to the airport just as I get notification, delayed…really? Apparently the weather in the south had almost every flight in Chicago was grounded. Flight should have left at 455pm, then 6pm, then 625pm, I think we finally took off about 7 something. Fail. Flight out of Detroit, first class, win. Ten hours to get home…fail. 

Now,  I’m at home,  in my jammies,  snuggling with my furry babies. Big win. 



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