Peaches Prattlings

{August 13, 2016}   Suicide Squad

Surprisingly, better than I expected. 

Or should I say pleasantly? Nah, nothing pleasant about this movie,  technically.  But,  it was good.  When I saw the preview,  I had mixed feelings, it had some great star power, good premise and I was either going to love it or loathe it, I feared. Then the reviews started rolling in and…

Great cast of bad guys, which I say loosely, since Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, is most definitely not a guy. They are called “meta humans”, they have some form of ability or ailment or whatever that makes them a little different and special, like Batman and Superman, we’d never call them mutants, huh?

You have Harley Quinn, love interest of The Joker and quite possibly more bat-sh*t crazy than he is, if that’s possible. He is the one who made her that way. The Joker is played by Jared Leto and oh my,  ku ku for Coco Puffs! In this movie, he’s more like a gangster or mafia boss.

Will Smith plays Dead shot, a hit man who never misses a shot, unless he wants to. I have to say quite impressive…and only one thing that can penetrate that thick skin..his 11 year old daughter. 

Jay Hernandez plays Diablo, basically a human torch, not just a human torch a bad arse human torch,  he gets to really show his stuff towards the end of the movie, you’ll be surprised. 

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays Killer Croc, um…yeah. well, I liked him. 
Cara Delvigne plays Dr. June Moone and The Enchantress. She was a great bad guy, except when she was doing this weird rocking, gyrating whatever calling evil spirits,  bad juju whatever, it kind of killed it for me. 

Joel Kinnaman played Rick Flag, the soldier in charge of this merry band of murderers. No special “metahuman” anilities, except for being able to control The Enchantress,  since he and June are in love. 

Viola Davis, I’m convinced,  was born to play human reprobate with no conscious. I was was on the fence after watching How to Get Away With Murder, not anymore. 

Even Ben Affleck, as Batman,  made an appearance at few times.

All in all, a good graphic novel come to life, monsters, bad guys, superheroes. But under it all,  the real stories…three love stories…the love of a dad for his daughter, the love of two completely insane individuals and the love of a soldier for his lady love inhabited by a six thousand year old angry witch. What more could you want?

A sequal.

Don’t worry, it’s coming,  just sit through the credits.


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