Peaches Prattlings

{August 11, 2016}   Wardrobe malfunction 

Not quite Janet Jackson at the superbowl wardrobe malfunction, but enough. 

Ok, I think I’m exaggerating. 

So…the shirt or nice tank top I was wearing yesterday was a little low cut. It seemed ok when I bought it and tested it out with my cardigan, but it was not to be yesterday, I was very conscious of it and slightly self conscious.

So, after work I made the executive decision to buy a new shirt. I new some new short sleeve shirts for work. I bought a few cute ones,  I’m happy, I’ve been wearing the same ones over the last few weeks.

I decided to wear the emerald green shirt, I think they called it a cocoon shirt. It’s nice, only thing is, it’s got a deep V, but the “flaps/collar” overlap. 

Everything seemed fine until I got to the office and things started to show. One thing I haven’t told you is that I’m, well, let’s just say, well endowed and leave it at that. 

I got to the office and realized there’s no way the neck is going to stay closed on its own,  so I go in search of a safety pin.  Now,  i have a lot of them…at home. All the races I’ve done in the past I have safety pins from the bibs and kept them. I used to keep some in my bag. Not today…go figure. 

It’s also interesting that is the one thing hard to find in an office! When DLP got in, I thought, perfect! I bet she has one! Unfortunately, she was meeting with someone and had had a bad morning…ummm…

I apologized profusely for interrupting, met the person she was meeting with and asked if she had a safety pin.  Her response “Are you flashing people in the office?” Umm…trying not to! 

Lo and behold we found one in her desk, I thanked her profusely, headed to the restroom to fix the issue and the rest of my day…smooth, ahhh..


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