Peaches Prattlings

{August 9, 2016}   A good day and a red letter evening…

The day was exciting, the evening riveting, ha!

I taught another great class, it was nice when some of them came in and told me that they heard the class last week was great and I was pretty good too. 

Here’s where it gets riveting, hold on to your hats! After class,  I went back to the hotel, ate left over Chinese food from lunch, finished my updates to the materials, did my hair, put on my jammies, painted my nails, cross stitched while I watched movies,  talked to you and then I’m going to pass out. 

What an exciting life I lead! Hold me back! Actually,  it was nice,  after the very busy weekend and the crazy travel day yesterday,  it was nice to relax and almost do nothing!

How was your day?


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