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{August 8, 2016}   What a travel day!

Did anyone else get caught up in the Delta debacle?

My flight was scheduled for 535am this morning as it has been for the last few weeks out of Boston. I got to the airport about 430am and the security lines were crazy,  I’m so glad I have TSA Pre-Check! The lines for bag drop were crazy and at the Sky Priority line for Delta it was almost out the door with ONE person working,  what!? Apparently the system was down,  I thought just at check in,  so luckily, I had two small bags and decided to travel with my checked bag.  Off to security I went. 

I get to the gate and find out that the system is down globally! No idea why, but down, uh oh. Since the system is down, they can’t print paperwork for the pilots and if they can’t print paperwork, we can’t get on the plane. They also printed paper tickets for us in case they can’t scan. 

So, about 630, they still have no updates,  I get on the phone to call my travel company. I wait for 30 minutes to talk to someone, it’s understandable. I get booked on a 730 Jet Blu flight,  problem is…by the time I get to the terminal it’s too late to check in and get a boarding pass, so I call the travel company. One hour later,  someone picks up the phone…

I am now booked on an 11am from Boston to Chicago. So,  off to the gate I go, sit down, plug in and get to work. 

Finally get on the plane, 1st row is nice, nice guy sitting next to me, was in the same boat I was, I think quite a few people were…

I finally got to Chicago, took a taxi to the airport and got in to the office about 2pm, only for hours late.  But…everyone knew what was going on. GES texted “Are you on Delta?”, when I emailed someone at work to let them know I’d be late…their only response,  “Delta?”

How did you all know? It was on the news! While I was switching terminals,  there were at least four news stations there. 
I got to the office,  printed what I needed and in less than two hours, out the door for Amtrak for Springfield! I got to Springfield, took an Uber to the airport for a rental car, then to the hotel.  It’s about 930pm, think I’ll make it past 1030? We’ll see…


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