Peaches Prattlings

{August 4, 2016}   Happy birthday daddy!

Today is a very special day! My dad’s birthday!

Have I ever told you my dad’s name? I don’t think so, so here it is, it’s DWS. Ha ha, what did you think, I was going to reveal someone’s ‘real’ name?

My dad…what’s so special about my dad? Well, what haven’t I told you? Well, he’s the best dad on the planet, sorry everyone else, that’s just the way it is.

He’s funny, not just when he tells a joke, but when he gets a joke, it’s awesome! Especially when he thinks it’s funny, he laughs so hard and heartily, it comes from his gut, sometimes laughing so hard he cries. Performers at comedy clubs love him and call him out after the show, his laughter is infectious. We have a very similar sense of humor and laugh at the same things, we love a lot of the same literature, music, movies, art, we can spend days talking about anything.

He taught my sister and I so much growing up, we learned so much from him and our mom. We learned love and patience, sometimes, and tolerance and acceptance. We learned what joy there is in a good back scratch.

Not only is he a great dad, he’s an amazing grandfather, or Papa to EJS and MGS. To see them together is a treat, he’s silly, goofy, generous, endearing, spoiling, you name it, he’s just that good!

We learned how to be good parents and I learned how to be a good grandparent. What could be more special?
He’s a confidant, a friend, a pal, a buddy, a co-conspirator, a hero, a teacher, an inspiration. Do you know the phrase ‘Anyone can be a father, not everyone can be a dad’, that’s who he is, a dad, our dad. And I fully admit, I’m a daddy’s girl, always will be! GES will tell you the same!

Now, if I tell you the three of us share a similar sense of humor, you might not believe me, but just check out the cards that GES and I sent to dad…the same goofy card!

Today, I started my day by sending him a text of me singing happy birthday and I got to come home early from Chicago so I could hug him and tell him happy birthday in person!

Happy birthday daddy, I/we love you!

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