Peaches Prattlings

{August 2, 2016}   A great class!

Today I taught a new class and it was great! 

A while back I was told I would be teaching this new class, I’m also the only one teaching it, no pressure!

I downloaded the materials and started looking and studying, but I had to hold off on some parts and testing because there we changes coming. The classes also got moved from July to this week and next, great, more time to prep!

I worked with a bunch of awesome people to get the data set up so we would be ready today and it was worth it! The extra time and staying late to get cases built.

The funny thing was, I was going through all the scenarios so much over the last two weeks that I didn’t really pay attention to how I would teach, but then when I started teaching today, it all clicked and made sense. 

I also had a great co-trainer who works for the client and has been on the testing team so she has all these hear “real world” examples and can speak to b what works in the live environment. 

The learners have been great, some were apprehensive about learning something new, worried they wouldn’t get it, it’s normal,  no one likes change, but they all wanted to find out what’s coming and we worked together today and they left on a positive note and I think they’re ready for more tomorrow. 

I was jazzed,  it was great! I had my runner’s high at the end of the day! I love that!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Let’s go!


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