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{July 27, 2016}   Technology in hotel…good or bad?

I am a techno-geek! There is said it. 

I like the latest and greatest. Sometimes I want it all! I have a work laptop, an iPad and my personal computer is a Surface Project 3, which is is pc/tablet. I have my fabulous “phablet”, that would be my large smartphone that is almost like a pc/tablet so they call it a phablet and finally,  well, I think finally, my smart watch.  

There might be more and I have forgotten! Could I have more, why not! If money was no object,  go for it! I am a software trainer, I work with technology, I want to know about the latest and greatest and I appreciate what’s out there,  don’t understand it all, but I appreciate it!

Hilton has implemented their digital check in and keys,  which I love. If you don’t know about the digital  key, you request it and when it’s ready, hold it up to the door you want to open and it does, just like a plastic key. No more carrying a key and worrying about losing it. 

Down side…sometimes the digital key,  like everything else, might be having a right day and just won’t work. I’ve had that happen at my room, I call and they reset it or bring me a new one. Sometimes it just doesn’t worth in front of some doors, case in point,  yesterday, I stood in front of the girl gym trying to get in, then go down to the front desk for an actual key.

The new thing some Hilton hotels are putting in are the digital elevator. I’ve seen it in other hotels. You put in the number on a key pad, it decides which elevator you take and then it goes. 

That’s great until you have too many people and the doors are closed and you don’t move. Hmm…that’s what happened last night when I got back from dinner. Hey,  I hadn’t eaten that much! 

After a few minutes we all started to wonder, jokingly, if we had hit the weight limit! Someone pried the door open finally and we all got out.  There was a gentleman who worked for the hotel counting how many of us there were,  about 11. Five adults and six little kids, really?  Ok…

We all got off, I tried to take it again,  no dice. Next elevator, all good. Apparently this is an old elevator, ok…Made it to my room,  all that matters,  right?

So,  technology in a hotel…good or bad? Not stopping me…


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