Peaches Prattlings

{July 25, 2016}   To travel Sunday or Monday…that is the question. 

So…the life of a consultant, well not the entire life. 

When you’re on a project, it all depends on the project when you need to be at the client site, if at all. Some projects you might be in your local office and never go to the client site at all or maybe just once in a while. For me, I am project based so I am there all the time. 

That being said, some projects you’re  onsite Monday through Friday, some Tuesday through Thursday, the thought being that you are in your local office Monday and Friday. Most projects are traditionally Monday through Thursday,  which is what I am on now. 

The difference being, when you are on a training engagement, all bets are off, it’s all dependent on when you teach. I’ve been on projects where I’ve taught six days a week, especially when your client is a hospital and the students are medical professionals, six days a week, could be all hours. This project has classes Monday through Friday. 

So,  when you have schedules like that,  you have to figure out when to travel. Since classesstart at 9am, I travel in the night before, I  never take a chance on morning of travel and I generally fly out the day after my last class. That’s what I’ve been doing, fly out on Sunday, back on Friday. 

Now that training is over, I have a choice to fly out on Monday morning,  be at the office by 11am and fly out about 5pm on Thursday or stick to my original schedule.

So,  I’m trying something new,  fly in on Monday mornings and out Thursday night. This gives me more time at home,  the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends and the cats and work from home on Fridays instead of traveling. 

The only thing you take a chance on is that you are at the mercy of the airlines. Monday mornings can be tough, with flights getting canceled, the lines are crazy getting through security,  especially if you don’t have TSA Pre-Check. Then there is the getting up at 4am or earlier to get to the airport on time. 

So…so you fly on Sunday, leisurely, maybe get to the hotel early, or like me, by 10pm, but your already in the city you need to be,  you get up at a reasonable hour, unless you’re going to the gym! and get to the client site by 8 or 9am or do you spend the extra time at home and get up before the sun to travel. 

Hmm…to travel Sunday or Monday…that is the question. 


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