Peaches Prattlings

{July 23, 2016}   There’s a storm a-coming

That’s an impressive sight!

Tonight, I joined GES, ACS, EJS and MGS and two friends at a NE Revs futbal match. That’s New England Revolution, for those of you,  not in the know. 

There was a threat of a huge storm tonight,  but not until about 1030pm, way after we would be home from the match. It’s a hit sticky day in Boston.

Then, as we headed into the stadium, the clouds started rolling in. The nice result was that it started cooling things off, but the sons kicked up,  I had to keep my sunglasses on for fear of dirt in the eye! 

The sky opened, we scrambled for cover,  three minutes later it was over, but the air felt cooler. 

But…no matter what,  the sky was impressive. The sky gets these amazing colors before something big happens,  don’t you agree?

Mother nature is something else!


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