Peaches Prattlings

{July 22, 2016}   Star Trek Beyond

Saw it…loved it…will own it.

There.  Enough said. Nah,  not really,  ha ha.

First,  I must admit, I didn’t love it as much as the first two,  but I loved it nonetheless. They’ve been in space exploring for three years and you see how its affecting everyone in different ways. 

There have been opportunites for adventure and peace keeping and Kirk seems to have learned something from his past experiences, seeming to make him appreciate his role as Captain more or at least embracing the responsibility or “respecting the chair” as Captain Pike told him once. 

There are a few internal and some obvious struggles, revelations, relationships, questions, and some head scratching moments. It was slow at times, others at warp speed and times I was wondering what the plot or point was. I figured it out eventually. 

All the main characters were back, mixed feelings seeing Anton Yechin and the small tributes to Leonard Nimoy. I can’t reveal, but a main character, can I say that? was destroyed. 

There was action, resourcefulness, light, dark, tricks, huh moments, McGuyver moments, their traditional one liners, humor, heartbreak. Simon Pegg, who plays Scott you, co-wrote it, what a treat!

ACS and I have started a tradition, I guess, we saw the last one together and he was the first one I thought to ask to go, now we’ve gone to two Star Trek premiers, ready for the next one,  when it’s it?


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