Peaches Prattlings

{July 21, 2016}   Delta came through

So…a few days ago I moved up with my Delta Airlines status…Platinum baby!

There are many advantages with having platinum status. One of them is priority upgrades. 

Today, I was booked on two United flights from Springfield, IL. First flight was supposed to leave at 530am, didn’t quite make it out until close to 645am. We landed in Chicago about 6 minutes before my next flight took off. 

Untied booked me on a 540pm flight. Huh? So I called my company’s travel port and they got me on a Delta connector…Chicago to Cincinnati to Boston, give me those segments. My first flight was leaving in about 45 minutes,  I had a decent seat in coach and within a few minutes of arriving at the gate…first class.

We land in Cincinnati and that flight is delayed.  It was supposed to leave at 1030am, then it was 11am and then 117pm. Ok, time to  settle in and get some work done. I get on the plane…giusto class.  Sounds like a good deal to me. 

So…Delta came through and that status helps. What’s the American Express slogan “Membership has its privileges”. Spoil me,  I can take it!


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