Peaches Prattlings

{July 20, 2016}   Skin of my teeth didn’t cut it this time

I was traveling to Springfield, IL from Chicago today and I was going by rail…and missed my first train. 

I booked the train for 145pm and since I booked traveled on Amtrak through my travel port before I didn’t realize it was just a reservation and I still had to pay at the station.

I also found out the hard way that you can’t arrive 10 minutes before your train leaves, you need a little more time. 

So…I rebooked for the 515pm and paid while I was there,  went back to the office, one block away, got more work done and then at 445, left for the train station again. 

I got in line, found a seat next to a nice person and settled in for my 3+ hour journey and we made it, a little late, but we made it. 

There were delays, loud people, crying babies, sleeper, oh, and conductors making cheese you announcements!…it was just l like being on a plane. Just no drink cart going by.

I got work done, some conference calls, commiserated with the guys next to me until the annoying woman behind and across from us got off the train,  then we had a nice chat about Philadelphia, where he lives and traveling. Then we were at our destination. Nice. 


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