Peaches Prattlings

{July 15, 2016}   Uber redeemed itself

I’ve been taking Uber for a while now and I really like it. 

I’ve had some good experiences, some excellent and some less than excellent. Today, less than just good.

Uber has a level of service that I have gotten accustomed to. They smile and say hello and when they notice I have bags, they get out help me load the bags into the trunk. On the way to the destination, they are usually pleasant,  engage me in conversation and at the drop off, get out of the car to help take my bags out. 

Let’s just say, my driver this morning didn’t acknowledge my presence, didn’t help me with my bags, I had to tell him to pop the trunk so I could load them. Then he drove erratically, I felt like I was in a bad NYC taxi! He seemed quite agitated. Let’s just say, a less than favorable trip.

I decided that I was going to say something, so when I gave my rating,  it was stars and I added comments. 

I got an email from their customer service department with apologies and a credit of $5, nice. That’s some good customer service. 

If this had been my first Uber experience, it may have been my last.

I took Uber on two more trips tonight and…I was quite pleased,  they both got all Stars.

Well done Uber, well done.


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