Peaches Prattlings

{July 14, 2016}   At least get my name right!

Do you ever get called a different name?

There are names that are similar or of your just not thinking you might call someone by that name inadvertently. 

I get when names are close, here’s a list I found on yahoo, interestingly, my name is not on it,  hmmm… It’s when they aren’t even close that it makes no sense.

Get this, for some reason, my name gets confused with Stephanie, I know,  crazy,  right! It used to happen with my cousin Stephanie and I and even someone I worked with,  it wad crazy. 

So,  yesterday, I got a text from an agent wanting to show my apartment, she had texted a few days ago, intruding herself and addresses me by my name. Yesterday, guess what name she the text…if she had looked at her previous text, it had my name…

Think I had a good laugh with my class? You betcha! Hmmm..

A rose by any other name…right?


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