Peaches Prattlings

{July 11, 2016}   I do not like pickled plums…

Sam I am. I so wanted that to work!

Tonight I flew through DTW and went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Spray. Actually, it was a favorite of almost everyone on the same project when we were at UMHS.

I stopped in there and ordered a salad, a tofu dosh and a pickled plum roll,  no wasabi. I didn’t know what pickled plum was like, I asked my server,  she hadn’t had it,  but served it quite often, ok,  let’s try it, I’m game!

Um…my personal opinion…ewe…it was so you! So not for me! Turns out I’ve tried pickled plum before, in something I tried in Hawaii, as soon as I took my first bite I remembered and, if anyone who knows me knows I don’t like ginger, but I ate ginger, had to get the taste out!

I wasn’t sending it back,  so I decided to just poked the pickled plum out and ate the cucumbers, rice and seaweed with some soy sauce. When the server came by and asked how it was,  I told her what I thought as I was laughing. 

So…as my mom always said, just try it. I did, because who knows what you’ll like until you try it and the bottom line…no more picked plum for me!


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