Peaches Prattlings

{July 9, 2016}   A natural redhead?

Nope, that was my mom.

Me…it comes out of a box and I’m ok with that. I come from a long line of dark-haired people, I was born with a full head of black hair, actually, I was covered with it, for a minute anyway.

My dad had key black hair, GES was born with white blond hair which turned very dark as she grew up. My mom on the other hand had red hair, I mean red, orange-red and it was long and beautiful and fabulous. Unfortunately, as a baby, I would grab it and get tangled so she cut it. At least that’s what I remember her telling me.

Her red hair came from her dad, but I only remember six red hairs on the top of his freckled head.

I always envied red hair, I used to use hydrogen peroxide to lighten streaks in my hair, tried dying it on occasion, got in trouble for the dye on the walls, oops.

I let it get dark again then I started getting it dyed professionally, it was fun. I started with Baby Spice platinum streaks in with the red hair. Then it progressed to multiple streak colors in with the overall red. I did the streaks so many times that my hair streaks now on its own.

So, it’s now been years since I’ve been a red-head, I stay that way, every 6-8 weeks. I even do my eyebrows! Gotta match. Right? It costs me about $3, I know, big spender here. Maybe someday I’ll go pro again, I do miss the steaks and the colors.

The reason I am talking about this at all, is because as I told you, I colored my hair Friday morning and when I saw my landlord today he said “did you have red hair last time I saw you?” My response, “every time I color it” ha ha.

And…apparently I do a good enough job and I’m pale enough that people I meet don’t know I’m not a real redhead, works for me. And…Guess who’s granddaughter, LB, has the same hair color? 

A joke I was asked…”If a red head goes crazy, is that a ginger snap?” Ha ha.

Will I follow in my mother’s footsteps and keep this practice up? You bet your sweet bippie! I am going to stay a red head as long as I can. 

Go red!


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