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{July 3, 2016}   The wonder of fireworks

When you watch a fireworks show, aren’t you transported back to being a kid? I know I am!

I get so excited when I knew I’m going to see a fireworks display and giddy when it starts. I love the sounds, the explosions, the rocketing up,  the lights, bursting, the spectacle, the way it takes me back to when I was a kid. 

Tonight we went to see the fireworks display at the local high school and it was great!People had been setting up the area they claimed as their own for later in the day. 

We started off at a cookout at GES’ house with food, kids and friends, then the entire group walked to the local high school, less than a mile, found our stuff and settled in. 

People talked, played games, caught up, ate and waited for the fireworks display to begin at 9pm and it did! 

Wow! It went on for about 45 minutes and it was wonderful! There we big explosions and small,  bursts that look like flowers,  dandelions when they become “wishes”, wiping willows and so much more. 

There were kids with looks of wonder on their faces and others,  with looks of terror! Some kids with giant headphones on to block the explosions, others readyfor kaboom!
I’m so glad I got to see a fireworks show some I’m traveling tomorrow and won’t see a display for July 4th on July 4th.

It really was fabulous! 

I wish you a safe and happy July 4th. 


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