Peaches Prattlings

{June 22, 2016}   To get up or not to get up…

That is the question…

My alarm goes off about 545am every day. I know,  that’s not early for some people, maybe they have to leave by 7am to get to work by 8 or because of traffic maybe earlier.  Many different reasons.

Since I’m on the road for work, I make sure my hotel is never more then 30 minutes from the client site, so baring any major traffic issues, I can get to the client site by 8am no problem.

I set the alarm for 545am so I can get up and go to the gym, I know I’ll get at least 30-60 minutes in doing something and that leaves me 30-45 minutes to shower and dress, grab breakfast and an uber to the client site.

My dilemma is, and it’s truly not a dilemma…do I want to get up and work out, even though I know I need to. I set the alarm for  545am so I can snooze for a few minutes and then get up. The problem is that I can keep snoozing until it’s too late to go to the gym.

Now,  once I make the decision to get my arse up,  no problem,  I’m go, go, go, dressed and in the gym in less than 5/10 minutes. The problem is procrastinating getting up…

Today, I decided I wasn’t going because I wanted to take a few extra minutes to sleep after getting in from Hawaii, even though I slept so hard on that first leg of my trip. So, I snoozed until about 645 and then motivated.

Part of me thought I should have works out, not a very aggressive part,  mind you…Hopefully tomorrow,  that part wins…I need to work out.  We’ll see…



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