Peaches Prattlings

{June 16, 2016}   Panic attack!!

Last night I woke up in a panic! And it sucked!!!

I was asleep, I mean deep asleep, and something woke me and I started to panic because I looked around and didn’t see my Raggedy Ann doll.

A few weeks ago when I was in Atlanta and clearing out the storage unit, I grabbed two things I could fit in my bag: my Raggedy Ann and my mom’s musical turtle.

I had my Raggedy Ann with me for about two weeks on the road in my hotel, she slept on the bed with me,  just like when I was a kid, well,  they both did,  but it was Raggedy that I was more aware of.

Both dolls are at my place,  but last night/early this morning I woke up and panicked because I couldn’t find Raggedy Ann!

I spent at least five minutes tearing the bed apart,  pulling it away from the wall, I was seconds away from calling the front desk to ask for help and ask if the cleaning staff has found it. Then I realized she’s at home with my cats. Whew.

It took about five minutes for me heart to stop racing and my pulse to slow down. Eventually I was able to fall asleep.




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