Peaches Prattlings

{June 13, 2016}   “I’m really glad you’re here”

She said a few times.  Sigh…

Last night I went to GES’ to see everyone since I’m going to be elsewhere the next few weekends.

GES flew out very early this morning and ACS and EJS had somewhere else to be, so I offered to stay and be with MGS in the morning, save them a babysitter session.

I got up when I heard her talking with ACS. I got to see them,  give hugs and kisses before they left,  have to get them in to take me through the next few weeks after all.

Then MGS and I settled in to watch Zootopia, which she was kind enough to describe certain things that were happening throughout the movie. So cute!

All of sudden she crawled into my lap to snuggle…sigh…

A few times that morning she looked at me and said “I’m glad you’re here,  I’m having fun with you”. Did I melt into the floor? You bet your sweet bippie! I told her I felt the same way and then we had a tickle fest.

A great morning!


Exactly what we looked like,  minus the shutterstock!


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