Peaches Prattlings

{June 11, 2016}   I have my own snack bag!

I’m one lucky Auntie!

I came to GES’ house tonight to see the family for a bit since I’m going to be gone for a few weeks, weekends included.

Very early in the morning, GES has a flight to catch and the girls made her snack bag for the flight. I said “gee, I wish I had my own snack bag for my flight!”

I was teasing the girls, but…guess what happened! I got my own snack bag! I said I need this every week and they said ok!

EJS wanted to know what I can have, she knows and remembers about some of the things I can’t have,  isn’t that sweet!

I have trail mix, dried fruit and candy. I’m set! Now I’m ready to fly! Thanks girls! I’ll be back in a few weeks for more snacks. Oh and hugs and kisses too, of course!



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