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{June 9, 2016}   Happy Happy Birthday GES!

Another year and she just gets,me fabulous!

Yup,  that pretty much covers it! Ok,  ok,  I’ll tell you more since you asked!

I know I’ve told you that she is an amazing woman,  she is a fantastic mother,  the way she is with my nieces is a pleasure to see. She’s silly and goofy with them, rolling around on the couch or the floor, laughing and giggling, patient when working with them on anything,  from homework to thank you notes for birthdays to any learning opportunities and teaching points that happen and firm when she needs to be. And the birthdays she plans, amazing! We had great inspiration.
Let’s just say, mommy would be proud, she was a great role model.

She’s a fabulous wife to my brother-in-law, ACS, they are a great team when it comes to raising the girls, she is always taking his needs into consideration when making decisions, appreciates all he does for and with her and when she throws him a celebration, it’s a celebration! They are silly, goofy, loving, in tune and I even get to see a PDA every now and then.

GES is a great daughter. We love trying to think of things to do for dad for birthdays,  fathers days and holidays,  not always easy, but I think we do a pretty good job. She loves to include him in family events and celebrations and adores him as Poppa to the girls, we both knew he’d be aces at it!

A great friend is an understatement I think and I believe her friends would agree with me. They come to her for friendship, love, advice, silliness and fun. Could be why there is such an amazing outpouring of love and people at any event for her and when she was going through treatment, a line around the block “what can I do”.

There are so many people who she looks at as extended family, most of her friends are aunties to the girls,  it’s a true testimony to her.

To say she’s an amazing sister, well,  that would be an understatement. As kids we played, fought, were silly, goofy, conspiring, loving, just what two sisters should be. Sometimes we were playmates because we had no choice, most times because we wanted to be. I loved that she wanted to wear my clothes and hang on to some of my favorite stuff when I went to college,  it made me feel good. Better than when she would take my stuff when we were little. Our relationship hasn’t changed much,  except we don’t fight as much and when we disagree,  no one sits on the other…well,  not always. We still get goofy and silly,  but we love spending time together, those special moments when it’s just the two of us, I love,  I’ve even gotten her to get away with me twice since the girls were born, love those!

So…maybe a little further insight into my sister,  GES, fabulous,  no?

Happy birthday Baby sister. I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you and I haven’t regretted a moment since.


This is from a tech event last night,  written with a light pen!


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