Peaches Prattlings

{June 7, 2016}   Oh my goodness, we have a the 3 year old!

My fabulous grandson, Baby A is THREE!

Can you believe it? He’s three, can I still call him Baby A?

First,  I must tell you that he is three years and five days today, let me explain why I’m telling you today. Do you remember June 1st is a bittersweet day, it’s bittersweet because it’s the anniversary of my mom’s passing and the day the Baby A was born. I didn’t want to talk about both in the same post,  they each  deserve their own post. And here is his!

Now…Let’s talk about this amazing,  fantastic, silly, goofy, rambunctious, bright, energetic, stubborn. I don’t know if you remember me telling you that I got to meet him the day he was born!

I was in Atlanta to get my hair cut as I di every two years and KAB went into labor. I was kept in the loop and when she was ready for visitors, I went to see them both, JB as well, of course! What a doll baby! So tiny and perfect and smelled and felt so good. 

I held him and we talked, about all the world has to offer and how much he will discover and learn and all the fun we would have in his life. And what fun we’ve had so far! The Halloween costumes, oh my! Harry Potter!

When I go to Atlanta I do my best to see him and it gets better every time. He runs and jumps into my arms,  I get hugs and kisses and snuggles and yelling and giggling and so much love.

Our phone conversations are very brief, maybe two sentences, three, if I’m lucky,  then he’s off running and playing somewhere else.

He loves his mommy and JB and his new baby sister, Baby E, he wants to love on her,  hugs and kisses and shout it to the rooftops,  the last one,  much to her chagrin, so loud!

Yesterday he had his birthday party, friends and family. His parents got him a huge backyard playset, fabulous! They know their kid! I got some pictures today of him playing with his new bubble machine, yup, from me, oh he loved it,  what kid wouldn’t!

I love that he asks for me now, when am I coming back to see him! Soon, sweet boy, soon! I can’t wait!

Happy birthday Baby A, JJ loves you!



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