Peaches Prattlings

{June 1, 2016}   I had a grown up drink!

Yes,  you heard right. And no, I did not finish it, but I liked it.

I went out for a work meet and greet tonight at Maudes Liquor Bar in Chicago. It was a nice place,  nice atmosphere,  not much for me to eat,  but I made due, not to worry.

What I started with, was a “real drink”. Everyone else was drinking wine and not a wine drinker, I decided on Amaretto, originally, I asked for amaretto and creme,  luckily the waiter brought the creme on the side,  I don’t really need the aftermath!

I had an Amaretto on the rocks,  how cool am I! Turns out,  I really liked it! As the ice melted,  it watered down the amaretto and it was quite delicious, will definitely have to try that again! [And it went nicely with my shaved veggie salad]




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