Peaches Prattlings

{May 25, 2016}   I think am falling in love….

With the elliptical!

Is this possible? I used to get on the treadmill and go and go and go..and I’d sweat and sweat and sweat.

When I first got on the elliptical, I could do five minutes and I thought it was torture. Then I could to ten…wow! I remember when I was working out with CG and MS last year and we had to swap and plank while the other person was on the elliptical for 90 seconds,  I tried to go as fast as possible, it was never fast enough for MS and she was like lightning on it!

Now,  I do at least thirty minutes,  depending on how much time I have in the morning and I  sweat, oh do I sweat! And my glutes, oh man! Later in the day I get up from a chair and I’m…ooh.

I’m working up to an hour,  that world be great! But I really like it,  I put on a movie and dying think about a thing and the time passes. What I really want to do is get to a point where I go in the morning and evening.  Ooh, I know,  hold yourself back!

I’ll keep up posted on my new romance!



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