Peaches Prattlings

{May 24, 2016}   Getting sick on the road

Not fun.

It’s not fun getting a cold or more when your at home,  but at least you’re at home,  in your own bed and can stay there.

Now, you can do the same thing on the road if you need to, stay in the hotel in bed,  sometimes a fabulously comfortable bed. Bu6y you can’t always take the day off.

It’s no wonder people get sick on the road, going from extreme temperatures, being around otherc sick people, being in planes, who knows.

I was on a project a few years ago and the second week I was there, I started to feel less than fantastic towards the end of the day. By the time I got to the hotel,  I was a wreck, couldn’t function. I spent some time in the loo, then bed.

I got Nyquil from the front desk and I even ordered gingerale from room service, with a room service charge…I didn’t care! The next day, I stayed in bed, Nyquiled out and slept it out of my system. Then went back to the client site the following day,  moving slower but feeling much better.

I know you’re wondering if I’m on my deathbed, and thank you for worrying. Nope, I just have a good old-fashioned cold. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

I started to feel the scratchy throat yesterday as I was teaching. Then last night while I’m prepping for a new class in the hotel,  feeling a little wonky, so I took some Dayquil before bed,  I can’t take a chance on Nyquil, that would knock me out completely! We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

The hard part about being sick on the road,  depending on what you do,  you can’t always call in sick. For me, I probably could, if I was in Chicago, closer to the home office, and if there were available trainers,  but I’m almost three hours from Chicago and there’s no one to fill in for me.

So…it will probably be more Dayquil and fake it til you make it,  then go back to the hotel and pass out!

Send positive vibes,  I have two more days of teaching!



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