Peaches Prattlings

{May 21, 2016}   It’s almost all gone!

Today I emptied half of one of my storage units!

I should have taken a picture before we loaded the truck, oh well. RJS was fabulous when I had moved to Colorado and my house got rented.  She worked with the movers to get all the boxes fun of stuff that was used for staging and the furniture into a storage unit.

An armoire, washer and dryer, living room set,  dining room set,  bedroom set, an entertainment center,  bookshelves and a futon. Oh my! This unit was packed to the rafters!

I think I told you KAB and her husband JB bought a house, I asked if she needed anything,  I told her what I had and she said yes! So happy I could do this for them!

ST and I met up at the uhaul branch, headed to the storage unit and began to unload the unit and load the truck,  with help from his buddy, which we could not have done without! He could look at something and figure out the best way to load the truck.

It took about an hour, stop for gas and supplies; chips, drinks and candy and away we went. We got to KAB’s house and hung out with her and Baby E until her sister, CS, and family,  LB and Baby L and their dad,  KS. When they got there ST, KS and I unloaded the truck while CS hung with the kids and KAB did that all important job,  order to! I was really glad to get to know KS a little better.  We got to talk mud runs, he’s doing the tough mudder next year!

It took us maybe 40 minutes to unload the truck, they got a bedroom, living room,  dining room,  futon, entertainment center, bookshelves, jackpot!

we hung out for a bit for lunch and quality JJ time, then headed out for home,  well, ST’s home. It was so great to have some one-on-one time with my granddaughters. I did broach a very important subject, Halloween, we need to start thinking about costumes! Already? Yup!

So,  I am happy to report that one storage unit is almost empty and ready to be released,  then I’ll be down to two! Go me!




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