Peaches Prattlings

{May 18, 2016}   Hoarders…OMG!

You think you just collect? Really?

So…I know I’ve talked about the show Hoarders before.  Do you remember me telling you about watching it with CKM, we would be in different places and on the phone! “Oh my goodness, did you see that!” “Did that really just happen?!” I miss that, we had so much fun!

The reason I am talking about Hoarders is that when I teach class I tell the class that I look at these software applications like hoarders, then I ask “Who knows what a hoarder is?” Then…”Who watched Hoarders and felt better about themselves?!”

I tell them I look at the application like a hoarder because it tracks all information, key strokes, everything.

That inspired me to find episodes on Hulu and now I’m watching Hoarders. CKM, where are you!



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