Peaches Prattlings

{May 17, 2016}   We have a SIX year old!!!

I cannot believe it! Can you?

I remember the day I met her, what a doll baby! Teeny and precious and happy and sweet and things have not changed. 

Well, they have, as she’s grown, she’s all that and so much more. She’s smart, funny, silly,  goofy, stubborn, fearless, clever, creative, sneaky, snuggly, loveable. You can’t help but smile.

We have private moments, giggly moments, crazy moments, snuggly moments,  wiggly moments and moments of such pride and joy.

I love watching her when she builds a creation out of Legos, finding an empty box and making something magical, seeing the wheels turning in that brain of hers.

I love watching her with her sister, so much giggling, sometimes they’re happiest trying to throttle each other! Rough and tumble with daddy, silly with mommy one minute, I love yous and snuggling the next.

Precocious, happy, curious, fabulousness. I could go on, but I want to stop so I can get back to seeing what she does next!

Happy birthday MGS! Live it up,  it’s your day!



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