Peaches Prattlings

{May 16, 2016}   Zoolander2

Loved it!

This movie was just as horribly fabulous as the first movie!  Or was it fabulously horrible?  I don’t care, I loved it!

I’ve probably told you I wasn’t always a fan of Ben Stiller,  I found him or the characters he played annoying. Then he was in The Royal Tannenbaums, I liked it and then there was Night at the Museum, I really liked it. I really liked him in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

When I saw Zoolander, I loved it! It was like a  spoof of itself. A bevy of superstars acting goofy and or stupid and by stupid, I don’t mean acting like fools, but actually stupid.

I was excited they were making another and they did not disappoint, this was just as bad. I still don’t like Will Farrell and this did not change my opinion. I’ve only liked him in one movie,  Stranger Than Fiction. He was goofy,  silly, obnoxious and evil,  just what a good villain should be, well,  in this type of movie.

The one character I really didn’t like was Kristen Wiig. Her character was like the off female characters in the first movie.  She played it quite well.

Owen Wilson was back in his role as sex crazed Hansel. His “Orgy” [relationship] was a mush mosh of characters, headed by Keifer Sutherland, great, along with some great cameos throughout the movie.

The premise is pop stars are being killed off and the only one who can help…Derek Zoolander…go figure.

Want to laugh out loud here and there? I did,  on my flight today,  first class,  laughing my arse off!

If you’re looking for Oscar worthy material, go somewhere else!



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