Peaches Prattlings

{May 10, 2016}   A high end hotel deserves a high end meal

Isn’t that true?

I imagine that if you travel you might have a favorite hotel chain and if you do, there might be a favorite food you order at that hotel.

I was talking to a fellow road warrior and when I mentioned The Palmer House,  she mentioned the mushroom soup she loves.  I’ve had that at a few hotels here and there.

I imagine you might try some different things on the menu to see what you might fall in love with, you might even think you need to try higher end food, so to speak. I’ve done all that,  as you know,  from what I’ve told you before.

Well, yesterday I checked into The Drake Hotel, an old and historic hotel in Chicago. It’s grand, elaborate and beautiful.

I realized I was hungry and looked at the room service menu. It was limited on what I could eat and really expensive. Even though I can expense it, there are some things I still can’t do.  Especially from room service.

So,  what did I order? One of the least expensive items and exactly what I wanted. PB&J. I went for the healthier side, fruit, instead of fries or chips. I should have ordered that tonight,  instead of the mediocre Chinese food I thought would be comforting.

PB&J. Ahhh…comfort food at its best.



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