Peaches Prattlings

{May 5, 2016}   A special meal just for Lil Ole me?

You bet your sweet bippie!

I checked into the Hilton at the airport using the digital key for the first time, too cool! Then, when room service was a busy went down to the bar and dug in.

I asked about vegan options and was batting zero when the chef cane out. What would I like? Well, something with no meat or dairy, how about the eggplant?

“We are debuting a new menu,  I can make you something from it…a vegan, gluten-free pizza”. What? Yes,  please!

I started with minestrone, it was ok,  then the pizza came out. It was a small personal pizza with eggplant, sauce and vegan cheese, fabulous! It was the vegan cheese I am not crazy about,  but I had a pizza and it read made just for me!

The chef came out and asked how I liked it,  I said it was great, that this wasn’t my favorite cheese,  but I really enjoyed it! So thankful and happy! Yum!

I couldn’t finish it all,  guess what’s for breakfast!



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