Peaches Prattlings

{April 28, 2016}   A new project!

I am on a new project and I’m excited about it!

I am sure I’ve told you that I’m a software trainer, I’m not sure what else I’ve told you.  As a trainer,  I’ve trained on a multitude of applications for different industries, soft drinks to transportation to electronic medical records, variety is the spice of life after all!

Each time I get a new project, especially when it’s for something I know nothing about, it’s a new opportunity with a new set of challenges. It can be scary and exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time!

I am coming later to the project, the other trainers have been here for several weeks, participating in T3 or Train The Trainer. This is where the experts teach the trainers what they will be training on.

Today, I arrived and hit the ground running! I was paired with a trainer that’s leaving the project and she ran through several classes in a few hours. Now, keep in mind, when I teach, these classes will last all day,  they just want me to have a glimpse and understanding of the application. It was a lot to take in on 3 hours of sleep, but I think I’ve got a good start.

Tomorrow is more of the same and then Friday or Monday,  at the latest,  I will join the other trainers to sit through their teach backs. This is where they teach the experts what they’ve been taught,  to get the opportunity to present the material, have others watch and give feedback. I’m looking forward to that,  the full class in action.

I will be co-training the first week,  that’s the week of May 9th and the following week I’m on my own! I have one week and two days to get ramped up! Can I do it? I’m up for the challenge!



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