Peaches Prattlings

{April 21, 2016}   We’re home…let’s cook!

We got home from dad’s and it was time to get down to business.

Tonight is erev pesach, that means night before passover, which begins tomorrow at sundown. We’ve tales about passover before and I’ll talk more about it tomorrow,  today is for cooking.

There is so much food to prep and cook, there are menus, recipes, shopping. We send out a list to people coming to see what they can make and then GES and I figure out the rest.  When we were kids and my mom’s mom still had it at her house,  grandma, me,  mom and GES would cook up a storm the days before. 

Then when it moved to my parents house, me,  mom and GES would cook,  grandma was still responsible for the homemade applesauce,  which I always teased her was not sweet enough, she’d pretend to hit me,  it was our thing.

Then,  it was GES and I cooking and hosting at  dad’s and then after EJS came into our lives,  its been in Boston ever since,  with GES and I cooking and hosting.

So, this year,  as we always do,  we make a plan and then away we go. This year,  instead of cooking a few chickens,  Costco cooked them for us! 10 rotisserie chickens, done!

We started at Costco and got most of what we needed,  then the grocery store for the rest. We headed home and after some dinner,  decided tonight would be desserts, the rest tomorrow. Some stuff, like the soup was made last weekend and frozen, matzoh balls tomorrow.

Since it was desserts, we made matzoh brittle, yum! Macaroons, yum! And cookie jam drops, omg, yum! I can’t wait to eat tomorrow!

I can’t wait to tell you all about tomorrow!! Better yet, come join us!


See…Y U M!!


And the plan of attack, from the planner herself, my sister!


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