Peaches Prattlings

{April 20, 2016}   Going home…mmm never tasted so good!

Today we bid farewell to Washington, DC and hello to NYC.

We left Washington after a little shopping trip, loaded up the car and away we went. We were going to go to my dad’s house in NY to spend the night and then drive back to Boston tomorrow. That’s what they did going to Boston,  overnight at dad’s then on to DC.

We got to dad’s house after a relatively smooth trip,  a few pit stops and one for lunch. ACS had already decided where he wanted to go for dinner,  Denino’s pizzeria and tavern,  best pizza in NYC!


I did not partake in the fabulousness that is Denino’s, I had a salad.  My thinking was that I had a slice of pizza last week in Atlanta,  I wasn’t sure at that point if I would be coming with them,  so there you go,  they had a slice of heaven and I had a salad,  yum.

Now…no boo-hoos for me! After dinner it was across the street to Ralph’s for some cremelata, I figured if I was going to knowingly eat something that was going to mess with them,  it had better be worth it! Oh…it was!


It was great to be back home,  feeling nostalgic and getting to enjoy a bit of our childhood.

Very sweet dreams tonight!


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